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  • Semi-Managed Support
  • Free DirectAdmin
  • OS Change
  • DirectAdmin Installation
  • Basic Server Setup
  • Basic Server Hardening




  • Semi-Managed Support
  • Free DirectAdmin
  • OS Change
  • DirectAdmin Installation
  • Full Server Setup
  • Basic Server Hardening



  • Full-Managed Support
  • Free DirectAdmin
  • Unlimited OS Change
  • DirectAdmin Installation & Migration
  • Full Server Setup
  • Full Server Hardening

FaqFrequently asked questions

Our Cloud Server Setup Instantly after Payment. If for any reason your order gets flagged, Just open a Ticket and we will activate your service immediately.

Yes. It's Free for Life. The License works on our IP ranges only. As long as the Service is Active the DirectAdmin will stay Free forever.

DirectAdmin is a fully-featured website control panel that contains the most popular functions you’re used to in other control panels like cPanel. Your users and hosting customers will love the easy to use interface, and you’ll love the simplicity of managing DirectAdmin.

VPS hosting works through ‘virtualization technology’. Simply put, virtualization technology is what enables the division of one server into multiple individual private servers.Each VPS is like an independent private room within a massive house. Each room is capable of being used independently by individual users/websites, without the need to share any ‘rooms’.What this means, is that each website will have access to it’s own RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc., without being affected by what happens to the other ‘rooms’ or VPS’s.

you’d choose a VPS when your website needs a dedicated private server, allowing it to remain unaffected by the occurrences of surrounding websites. You get resources dedicated to your website, allowing you the ability to scale at your wish.

After placing order jsut create a ticket.

VPS is a more powerful set up than shared hosting. The neat thing about VPS is that it emulates a dedicated hosting environment but with allocated system resources divided between individual sites

VPS is great as it slips in nicely and bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. VPS will give you the independence and flexibility of dedicated hosting service, but at the price of a high-end shared hosting service.

Because a VPS is analogous to a virtual machine, any software that can run on the VPS’s operating system may be installed. For example, a VPS can be used to support any of the following: eCommerce software blog hosting company website file transfer protocol (FTP) email server data storage

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