As you all know we have been providing Free Reseller Hosting for More than 8 months, our members usually ask this why do a company offers Free Hosting & you even crossed the whole thing by providing Free Reseller Hosting. So, What's are the differences between your Free Reseller Hosting & Paid Reseller Hosting. So, we are letting you know all the differences.

Why Free Reseller Hosting?

We believe that you must earn in order to buy a service, basically students & the one who have the menatalitiy of doing something on there own will be going for Reseller Hosting, So why we demotivate them on there first few no income encounters.

Instead of that we can provide the Free Reseller Hosting & Let them earn in order to provide better services to there clients. They will move to paid Reseller Hosting. Our Paid Reseller Hosting is also Reasonable.

Setup your business is first our payments are secondary. If you earn you will surely move to our paid reseller hosting with alot more features. Start with Free Reseller & Move to paid Later.

Is it Truely Unlimited?

Unlimited refers to unmetered, i.e. only if the hosting account is using the service as for hosting websites only, following the Fair Usage Policy.

For Free Reseller Hosting

We usually don't measure usage of Free Resellers also, but in certain cases of using more data we warn or suspend there account.

For Paid Reseller Hosting

Its truely unlimited for Paid Resellers, Following the Terms of Service & Fair Usage Policy.

No Advertisement

Usually Companies giving Free Hostings, keeps there ads. But our Free Reseller Hosting is Completely White Label, You can also use private name servers. There is no such boundries, its like an normal hosting.

What are the Limitations in Free Reseller Hosting?

  • No Live Chat Support or WhatsApp Support
  • Ticket Support Reply time is upto 72 hours
  • 90% Uptime Guarantee Only.
  • Basic Support only, no customization or installation help.
  • No Backup Server (We don't keep your Data Backup)
  • No OverSelling or OverUsage. Limited Usage Allowed.
  • No Add-Ons Benefits.

What other additional Features are in Paid Reseller Hosting?

  • Live Chat Support & WhatsApp Support
  • Quick Ticket Support & mail support
  • Allowed to Resell Our Lifetime Hosting
  • Free WhatsApp Marketing Software
  • Free Whois DataBase
  • Thousands of Themes, Plugins & Scripts
  • 100% Uptime or Credit Back of Down Time

Ping us on Live Chat or Create a Ticket, we will do the installation for you on no time.